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(used in US Air Force Warplanes including F22)

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Major Users

Defence and Space Development Organisations

Irvine compiler corporation (ICC) provides quality Ada development environment for a wide range of hardware for embedded, real time and native applications. ICC Ada flies on several military and commercial aircraft as well as on satellites. ICC was selected for development of Ada cross compiler for US Air force. The first Ada cross compiler developed by ICC was for Intel i960 family and it is still in use for many applications. Technology built for ICC Ada i960 family was saved by ICC for future use. The newer target processors also became popular. Today ICC offers cross compilers for the following targets :

• Native self – target
• PowerPC family
• Intel i960 family
• Analog devices ADSP-210x0 sharp dsp
• Texas instruments DSP c62xx/ c64xx/ c67xx
• Sparc Leon v-8 processor (planned)
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ICC ensures rapid development of Ada compilers for new targets

ICC provides the best of the both worlds by building Ada compilers and tools on top of embedded C language tools (emulators, debuggers, simulators and o/s). ICC Ada is already certified and C cross compiler built by the chip designer is expected to be of the highest quality. The combination of the two is unique. ICC is the only vendor who can provide this combination through its proprietary middleware. The performance of the ICC Ada on top of embedded C tools is faster than for original C tools. ICC is able to use this technology successfully for any target that might be newly built by the user himself or procured commercially. The method used by ICC is shown in the above diagram.

ICC supports switching among Ada 83, Ada 95 & Ada 2005 in same compiler
ICC Ada has been providing full support for chapter 13 and now ICC is the only company that enables users to switch between Ada 83, Ada 95 and Ada 2005 in the same compiler. ICC Ada features include:
a) Exceptionally fast optimizing Ada compiler that produces efficient, compact code
b) No run time fees are payable to ICC
c) offers customer specific services

ICC is committed to support F22 program of US Air Force. Therefore ICC would continue for the mission and safety critical applications in other countries as well.


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