World Leading technology Real-Time Geospatial Awareness

(In use for Defence, Aviation, Maritime, Smart Cities Worldwide)

RAMP Technologies is Business Partner of LUCIAD

Seminar on Thursday the 23rd of November 2017 at the Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 09:00 am till 12:30 pm

“New Threats , New Solutions. How Location Analytics Can Help Security Professionals in a Changing World.”

Key Speakers :

Introduction: New Threats, New Solutions by Vincent Rifici – Luciad, Belgium
Why Dynamic Data streams are causing a Paradigm Shift in Geospatial C4ISR Architectures by Christoph De Preter – Luciad, Belgium
"ACTING DIFFERENTLY": A French Special Forces Perspective by Stéphane Juigné - SAS_Impact
Contextual Full Motion Video - Gopi Padmanabhan – GeoOpsis, USA
The One Minute Data Manager by Sebastiaan Helsen – Luciad, Belgium

Need for Geospatial Awareness

Geospatial information is needed for developing Strategic and tactical solutions for

- Aviation
- Defence
- Maritime
- Public safety & homeland security
- Smart Cities
- Utilities & logistics


- Flight safety- commercial aviation and military
- Safe navigation at sea and coastal Defence especially in shallow waters
- Up to date information to front line soldier, ship, aircraft through desktop, browsers, mobile
- Real-time visualization of situation in emergences like earthquake, floods, landslide
- Strategic and tactical military operations


- Luciad Lightspeed:
- Luciad RIA
- LuciadMobile
- LuciadFusion


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