Luciad Fusion

LuciadFusion is a server application equipped with integration components. Designed to manage, fuse and serve geospatial data, LuciadFusion consists of a Data Connectivity Manager, a Data Server and a Storage capability.

LuciadFusion accesses Geospatial data from any database, service, or file, through an easy-to-use Data Management application. This data can be managed into different information products or ‘Themes’, combining different datasets as required by each specific user group. Using the appropriate Themes, the required data can then be easily served to one or more functional applications. Through efficient and advanced caching and storing mechanisms, LuciadFusion ensures fast retrieval and guarantees that the data is readily available at all times.

The LuciadFusion Data Server serves the data and relevant meta-data directly into LuciadLightspeed-based applications by means of a high performance Tile Service.


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