IBM DevOps

DevOps is an approach that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. It is an enterprise capability that enables the continuous delivery and continuous deployment of software. It reduces the time needed to address customer feedback. Development and operations were often siloed in the past. DevOps brings them together to improve agility.
Developers and operations specialists work in collaboration using shared DevOps tools.
Facilitates continuous delivery of software by enabling collaborative testing throughout development and automation.
Tools facilitate release management, infrastructure provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, containerization, virtualization and automation.
Corrects misalignments of people and goals by building closer links between developers and operations.
Incorporates customer feedback in the development process to facilitate agile development.
Why DevOps

Quality assurance
DevOps processes have built-in checks and balances to ensure that the end result is as stable and reliable as possible.

Continuous delivery
DevOps enables innovation by automating software delivery processes and eliminating wasted effort, all while helping manage regulatory restrictions.

Customer feedback
A DevOps approach provides a feedback loop from customers, which enables developers to optimize software updates and innovations.


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