IBM Bluemix


Bluemix is an open-standard, cloud-based platform for
building, managing, and running applications of all types
(web, mobile, big data, new smart devices, and so on).
Instant Environments
The developer can choose any language runtime or bring your own. Zero to production in one command.

Development, monitoring, deployment, and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application.

APIs and Services
A catalog of IBM, third party, and open source API services
allow the developer to stitch an application together in minutes.

On-Prem Integration
Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premise assets plus other public and private clouds.

Flexible Pricing
Sign up in minutes. Pay as you go and subscription
models offer choice and flexibility.

Layered Security
IBM secures the platform and infrastructure and provides
you with the tools to secure your apps.

How does Bluemix work
Bluemix embraces Cloud Foundry as an open source Platform as a
Service and extends it with IBM, third party, and community built services, Bluemix architecture is shown in above diagram.


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