ClearCase CCRC and ClearQuest Webserver

ClearCase Remote Client & ClearQuest Web server

The IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client is an application designed to operate efficiently over high latency network or wide area network. With Rational ClearCase Remote Client, you can connect to a ClearCase web server and access resources in remote ClearCase repositories and load them into local ClearCase views as ordinary files and directories under ClearCase control.
You can configure secure connections between a Rational ClearQuest Web server and a ClearQuest Web client by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in IBM HTTP Server (IHS) for WebSphere Application Server.

Deployed CCRC and ClearQuest on WebSphere Application Server:

1. Installation of WebSphere Application Server and configuration of HTTP Server in Server.
2. CCRC WAN Server for accessing web features on ClearCase Remote Client.
3. CQ WebServer for accessing web features on ClearQuest client through Browser


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