ClearCase ClearQuest UCM Implementaion

ClearQuest & ClearCase UCM Implementation:

ClearQuest brings the process model with different states to SCM, and it controls all the changes to the underlying elements. For example, to make a change in the design of an application, an engineer needs a reason for the change. The reason comes from a change request stored in ClearQuest, and it can be new work (a feature) or rework (a bug to be fixed).

The change request is linked to the versions in ClearCase which were created to fulfill the change request, and when developers have finished their part of the work, they change the status of the change request accordingly. In UCM the change of the status can be done automatically in delivery.

Using ClearQuest, we can see which elements were changed and which versions were created for the change request, and from ClearCase we can see why the changes were made. We can open ClearQuest from ClearCase to see the reason and possibly also the requirement that caused this change request.

ClearQuest also helps the project manager to manage workload. It is easy to see if the workflow has been jammed, and whether all the developers have a constant workflow. The project manager can also learn to estimate how much time certain types of changes will take.


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